Welcome to Roughrider Total Entertainment

Welcome to Roughrider Total Entertainment

Welcome to Roughrider Total EntertainmentWelcome to Roughrider Total EntertainmentWelcome to Roughrider Total Entertainment

About Us

Western Entertainment


We offer a variety of services to meet your needs

Experienced cast


Our cast has more than 30 years of western entertainment!

Showstopping thrills


We guarantee no other western entertainer can do what we can for you!

About Us


George Nelson

 George Nelson started in the Stunt/Entertainment business in 1987 in Los Angeles, CA. performing in live action shows as a stuntman. Over the past 30+  years George has produced, directed, and coordinated over 50 live action stunt shows in Europe, Asia, Bermuda, and the United States. During that time George also worked on various film and television projects as a stuntman/stunt coordinator. 


Ed Vanderlee

Ed Vanderlee always dreamed of being a performer. From a young age he was always "on" for the crowds. Ed realized his dreams when he became owner of The Arizona Roughriders, the nations favorite professional stunt acting team in 2009. Since then Ed and his team have performed all over the country. (He was also trained by George)


Together they bring you


Your one stop shop for all your western entertainment needs cowboy stunts

What we do


 Roughrider Total Entertainment presents BE A STAR! This is just a small part of a larger concept to make your next team builder or company summit something to remember. Using the talents of our crew of experienced entertainers, The Roughriders are willing to make your CEO, Top Salesperson, Team Lead or anyone the Star in this short film. A little movie magic promises to show that whoever you choose will be “The Stranger” and your crew the obvious heroes. Add to this meeting opener, our proven team builder entertainments as part of your event. This means your theme is set and each of your team members will go home refreshed and ready to make their own magic going forward.  

Take a look at the trailer below.


Roughriders Dying Contest


 The Roughriders will come to your party, select (3) random individuals (unless of course you know some more well deserving individuals) and line them up for a death defying competition. Those chosen participants (3) will be shot on site, of course with blanks. As they fake their way to their untimely end on a safety pad, they will be judged by their peers for the most entertaining death 

Breakin’ the Law Bus Hold Up



Arriving by bus? How about a welcome that truly takes your guests by surprise? Picture two lawmen walking out into the road halting your buses by a flurry of gunfire and then boarded. They are there for one purpose, to find the individuals that have been predetermined. After introducing themselves and welcoming everyone, the suspects will be identified and announced that they are being arrested. Then the suspects will be removed at gunpoint and hauled off of the bus to your party’s location. Number of performers will vary upon the amount of buses.



 Have your party honorees, manager, CEO or entire executive committee arrested by Marshal Hannibal, and back-up if need be. Arrests come complete with a frame worthy arrest warrant, a trial and a first class hanging … well just a bit of embarrassment instead of the hanging.  

Story Telling


 When sitting around a fire the one thing that makes you feel like you’re out on the trail is some classic western story telling. Let one of The Arizona Roughriders come out to your “campsite” and tell you some tales of the old west 

Old West Photos



You can choose from a Built Western Set with a Backdrop all on Green Screen.

If Green Screen is chosen there is a variety of backgrounds to choose.

All events with Cowboy Props and Costumes: Hats, Riding Coats, Guns, Booze bottles, Money bags, Bandanas, Full sized Whiskey Barrell, etc.

Photos can be printed in Sepia or Color (not both).

Approximately 20 guests can fit in the photo booth set at one time.

200 photos per hour can be printed.

All photos will be printed and ready within minutes.

One Standard photo and one photo inside of a Mini Wanted Poster will be printed.

Includes a full release flash drive of all the photos from the night at the end of the event.

If desired a custom company logo can be placed on your backgrounds.

Holiday Themes


We can liven up and holiday event!

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